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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Skinny Perfect Girls

These are the skinny perfect girls and this is the host and me

Do you ever go to a party, walk in the door, and think, "uhoh, I'm not going to fit in here"?

That happened to me last night. I went to a costume party--cowboys and indians. I knew I would only know a couple of people there, but I figured, hey, I'm social, no problem! What I didn't account for was the fact that I would be in the company of the most unbelievably perfect bodies this side of the silver screen. I lost all self-esteem the moment I saw them--the skinny perfect girls.

I had put thought into my outfit. I braided my hair like an Indian, wore tourquoise and beads. I thought I looked pretty cute. That is until I saw the skinny girls who had made thier own outfits (and they looked like Indians out of the Fredricks of Hollywood catalogue). I kept watching this one girl's stomach all night--transfixed. It didn't move. She sat down; she danced; she leaned over--it stayed taught. That's not normal!

Another thing...I didn't have the right footwear. Every girl at this party had the shoe of the season--boots. You know the boots I'm talking about--boots that are tight and suede with strings tying around the leg, meant to be worn over skinny jeans. Well, these girls were all wearing the boots with miniskirts or daisy dukes, and it was hot. I was wearing flip flops and jeans.

I ended up talking to people I knew and meeting some new people. The host was his usual friendly master-of-ceremonies self, which made everyone comfortable. One of the skinny girls was actually really nice and tried to get everyone at the party involved in the fun.

I learned from this experience that if I get invited to another costume party I need to go all out! Where's my sewing machine? Next time I'll be prepared!

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