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Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm back!

Moving is tough stuff!! Okay, so I had movers, and my mom and aunt came to help, and I had friends helping me with everything, but still--it disrupted my life!
I love my new house--everything is new and clean and nice! My backyard is lush green grass, and my dog can run around like a crazy dog.
I've already found an entrance to the canyon so I take my dog on walks every day.
Today I got the cable guy to come out and hook up my cable high speed, so I'm back in business!
It's funny how much you miss your blogging outlet when you don't have it. Not to mention missing email. When email is your only link to your husband who is thousands of miles away, you get a little freaked!
I'm looking forward to reading up on everyone's blogs. I've missed you guys!
Can I just tell you one exciting tidbit of news?
My husband is coming home in the next 7-14 days!! I'm so excited to see him!!!!

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