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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dinner with Dating Dummy and his ICG

I feel so priveledged!
Tonight I went to dinner with Dating Dummy and his ICG! I can report that she is very nice and funny! They seem very into each other; it's so cute! They were constantly touching--holding hands or just standing close. They make a totally cute couple.
We went to Ichiban in Pacific Beach for Sushi. That's a great place for all my San Diegan readers. It's cheap yet tasty sushi! It's on Garnet and the street that starts with an H.
DD and ICG even convinced me to get a milkshake at Mr. Frosty afterwards. It was chocolate peanut butter--yum! I told them that I had a chocolate peanut butter milkshake the night I got engaged. This one was to celebrate my birthday.
It's fun to meet people you've only read about. You always have an idea in your head of what they will be like, but when you meet them in person, there are a lot of differences. I pictured ICG pretty much the way she is. What a cute couple! It should give all the single people out there a little hope!

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