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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Husband--the International Man of Mystery

This is my husband--the mysterious person I never talk about! As you can see, he's a pilot. He's not here in San Diego at the moment. (yes, that's a real picture of him. I didn't steal some clip art!)

Yes, it's a hard life we lead. I miss him. He's a great guy. He'll be back soon.

So, how did it all begin?

My friend from high school, G, and I went to a wedding of another friend from high school, B. I'm calling her B b/c she was a real B if you know what I mean. At the wedding, G told me that her boyfriend had a friend she wanted me to meet. I was like, whatever. G and I were always VERY different. I figured any guy she would set me up with would be weird or something.

So, the next weekend I went on this blind date. Mystery Man walked through the door and I thought, he's cute! We got along great, and at the end of the night he asked for my phone number. He called me and we went out a few more times, and then we began a long-distance relationship. He was in college in Mississippi, and I was teaching in Birmingham.

We dated for a year and he moved to Virginia. I thought it might be the end of our relationship b/c he was never able to see me. But, he had other ideas in mind. He asked me to marry him. We were engaged for 6 months, and then we got married and moved to Florida.

Moving away from my friends and family was hard. I thought it would be fine b/c I have always been one to make friends easily. It was hard being a newlywed, new to a city, new to a job, new to this lifestyle of a military wife. These are all things I can post about another day.

So, here's my husband. He's great. I could go on and on! I will save it for another post. I hope this cleared up some of the mystery!

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