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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Many Ways Virginia is NOT California

Ahh, California! I miss that state!
Virginia is SO not California. Let me count the ways...
1. No Trader Joe's. Well, there is one an hour away, but who wants to drive an hour there and an hour back to get groceries?
2. Weather. Who knew? I hate rain. I hate humidity. I dislike cold. I dislike heat. I want my perfect San Diego weather back!
3. Slow drivers. The speed limit on the interstate (similar to CA's freeway) is 55! 55 is too slow for an 8 lane road. Also, the police are serious about speeding here, so you can't really go more than 5 over or you'll get a huge ticket. In CA I consistently did 80 on the freeway.
4. Different restaurants. No Chipotle, no Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, no taco shops, etc.
5. The zoo here is obviously not as good.
6. Preschools here have 4 year waiting lists. You are supposed to register for preschool when you go off the birth control pill.
7. No disneyland 90 miles away.
8. Not much of anything in a 90 mile radius.
9. Surprisingly, Virginia is not as military-friendly. Maybe they are sick of us or something. In San Diego, they gave you military discounts almost everywhere you went.
10. All the awesome people who are my friends do not reside in Virginia. That's the hardest one to bear.

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