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Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Time Again!

Happy Halloween Friends!!

Here's a pic of my baby dressed as a lady bug. She's pretty cute if I do say so myself. I'm going as a mom. Ugh. I don't really like my costume, but I'm stuck with it! (hint...it's not really a costume! ahhh!)
I'm one of those people who eats the free candy that people leave out on their desk this time of year.
Sorry, I know that's random, but I did that today. I was at the Vet picking up some medicine for the world's most expensive dog, and there was this bowl of really good candy (not the cheap sugary kind--the good kind--chocolate!) So, I started eating it. Then, the receptionist gave me a bad look. I mean, if you don't want people to eat your candy, don't leave it out in a welcoming bowl. Maybe it was for kids or something...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Life is Precious

I was going to write a post about things that bug me, but then I read my friend's webpage about her husband who recently died after having a bone marrow transplant. She is having a hard time getting on with her life . So, I decided to write a post about the things I hold dear in life.
  1. My baby. (You knew this would be the first on my list, didn't you?) She is so amazingly perfect and pure. She is happy almost all of the time. Her skin is perfectly unblemished. She has never known disappointment or grief or betrayal or heartache. She is a blank slate. I feel like I never want anything bad to ever happen to her. I can't imagine my life without her, and I pray that I do her justice by raising her well.
  2. My husband. I have him home with me for longer than most military wives do. He took a job that requires him to drive 3 hours every day, but he doesn't have to leave us for a while. My husband is a very good father. He was a trooper in the delivery room when I gave birth to our daughter. I don't know what I would do without his strength of conviction and constancy.
  3. My family. I lost two grandparents this year. It's strange how fragile life is. My grandfather died in the room next to me on the night before Easter. We didn't find him until Easter morning when we were ready to go to Church. So, I need to be grateful for every moment with my family because you never know which hug will be your last.
  4. My friends. I have moved more than most people, but that has allowed me to make wonderful friends all over the country. Companions are easy to find, but a true friend is a gem. Some people can see past your quirks and into your soul. I have some friends who can read me so fast it's scary. It's good to have friends who have known you through many stages in your life and can remind you who you really are.
  5. My dog. The love of a dog is a reminder of perfect love. Your dog loves you no matter what. Your dog wants to hang out with you 24/7. Your dog is at the door to greet you when you get home. Your dog never dwells on the past or worries about the future. Your dog lives in the moment. I have an exceptionally loving and friendly dog who entertains me every day.

I notice as I made this list that none of the things I hold dear are things. None of them can be bought with money (except my dog, but she's priceless.) So, hug your baby or spouse or family or friend or dog, and don't delay. Life is precious.

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