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Friday, March 02, 2007

Hi, My Name is Bamagirl, and I'm a Bargain-Shopping Addict!

Does anyone else have this problem?
75% off = must-have items

I went to Target today to get some baskets to organize some of the baby's things. I had measurements. I knew exactly what I wanted. Well, on my way to the basket section, I ran into a horde of women, crowding their carts into a corner of the store. What was going on? Then I saw the 75% off sign.

I dove right into the fray. I grabbed some window drapes--they were only $8! I then found a beautiful drapery rod for $8 as well--it was 112 inches long! I snagged a decorative pillow with real feather and down stuffing for only $6. So, now my cart was full, and I was excited. I wheeled through the baby section, saw a clearance rack, and I found a pink hoodie for $2. Score! Then I found some pink velour sweatpants for myself on another clearance rack.

Ok, so I finally made it to the section where the baskets are. Of course, they didn't have the right size. Oh well. So, I went and checked out. I spent $85 on junk I didn't need at all, just because it was on sale. And...I didn't even get what I came for. Ugh.

Sadly, this addiction to Target clearance goes way back. In college, I lived literally right next door to a Super Target. I went every day, and I knew when they marked things down. I bought stuff for every season after the holiday and saved big bucks. This is why my house is full of random crap that I can't get rid of!

I need some serious help. Is there a 12 step program for this? (I actually think there is Shopaholics Anonymous.) I need to start Barginistas Anonymous!

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