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Friday, April 13, 2007

The Sweetest Times

On Monday, my baby crawled into my lap, cuddled up against my chest ever-so-sweetly, and fell asleep.

I immediately knew something was wrong.

This is the child that won't stop moving for a second. This is the baby who I thought didn't know how to sit up until I realized she was crawling and pulling up to stand. She just never wanted to sit still. What's the point? This is the same munchkin who grabs her shirt and tries to strip in protest every time she is strapped into the high chair, stroller or carseat.

So, I was right. She had a fever of 102.7. After a trip to the Doctor's and some Motrin, we embarked on a fun week of VIRUS LOCKDOWN!

I hate it when my baby is sick because that means that I don't get to see daylight. I don't get to interact with adults, go shopping, go out to eat, go to playgroup, etc. In essence, I am punished because she is sick! It's absolutely miserable.

I don't have anyone else to turn to in times like this. My family all lives thousands of miles away. My husband is currently not home due to his job. My friends don't want to risk catching anything. I am a pariah!

It messes with your head, I tell you! I guess the worst side effect for me is the pity eating. I feel sorry for myself that all my plans were cancelled for the week, so I eat a whole bag of pretzels. I have watched all my Tivo'd shows so I randomly eat a whole frozen dinner that was supposed to be 3 servings. I'm wallowing in my misery and getting fat in the process!

My only outlet is the phone. I find it funny how boring I am, now that I'm a SAHM. My friends are like, "What's new in your life?" I hesitate. Do they want to hear how I conquered my daughter's month-long fight with constipation? Are they interested in the fact that my baby does the funniest thing involving pulling up using the dog as a prop? Do they want to know that I didn't get out of my pajamas all day, even though they have spit up and mashed avocado on them? So, I say, "Oh you know, the same old fun! How are YOU?"

My mom tells me that I need to hire a sitter and just get out. What would I even do? I don't look cute enough to get into any cool places. I don't think I would even be happy going out at night because I wouldn't be able to sleep in the next day. The worst is, after being away from my daughter for a measly hour, I am already insanely lonesome. I miss her. She's napping right now, and I miss her.

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