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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So, I haven't been posting much lately

I guess I kinda suck at posting. It's just too much trouble. I'd rather waste half my life reading other people's blogs.
This mom thing is tough. I mean, when do I get a break? I think the answer is never. It's endless, sleepless drama.
I've become a shopping whore. I don't buy stuff for myself at all. It's all for the baby. She has more robeez (a baby shoe) than Imelda Marcos. The crazy thing is that she will outgrow all this stuff before she even wears most of it twice. I think I just love buying for her because she's so small and cute and stylish. (I am not small anymore, nor cute, nor stylish)
My dog is starting to show some signs of neglect. She's been stealing the baby's toys and taking them outside to chew them up and bury them. I get so mad at her, but I know she just wants attention. I just don't have any to give anyone else.
Today I was feeling like a rebel, so I wore a skull-and-crossbones T-shirt to mommy-and-me. (Yes, I will hyphenate whenever I choose!) I think the other moms were a little scared of me! Or, maybe they thought I was trying to look like a teeny-bopper! I'm not sure.
This whole mom world is new and interesting. It's like going to college--you have to figure out the new social mores for your new circle of friends. With the other moms, you have to have your baby dressed adorably, you have to own all kinds of baby crap, you have to have the "right" carseat, stroller, diaper bag. It's worse than my college sorority.
I guess life is always evolving, and we all have to figure out our social status over and over. I think this time around, I want to be myself more. We'll see...

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