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Saturday, March 04, 2006

It's so Popular to be Prego these days!

I love how it seems like when you are experiencing something, the whole world is experiencing the same thing. When I got married, it was the same year that Jessica Simpson got married. I'm glad my husband and I made it, unlike our fair friends Jess and Nick. She was a much younger bride. I always say that's trouble. I thought I was old at the ripe ole age of 25. Now I think I was a child bride. There's just so much you need to do before you settle down!

So, now I'm pregnant and thrilled to see that it's become very trendy in Hollywood. I guess women have been having babies pretty steadily over the years, but it seems like a big time for famous babies right now. I must say that out of all the prego celebs, my favorite is Gwen Stefani. She makes maternity clothes actually look decent! I think Katie Holmes looks cute, even though she is under the mind-warping powers of Tom Cruise and his Scientology goons. Angelina Jolie looks a little too emaciated to be pregnant. Her arms are scary! She has veins popping out all over the place. It's ok to gain a few, Angie! Gweneth Paltrow looks glowing. She's a real mother-earth type who looks very comfortable carrying around baby Pear or Watermelon or whatever this one's name will be.

I guess I'm in good company. Maybe this will force stores to actually come out with some cuter maternity clothes. I just hope I can get back to my old body as fast as Heidi Klum did. Too bad I'll never get back to what her body looks like now! ;)

Above picture taken from www.pinkisthenewblog.com

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