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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Quandry of the week--what do I do?

Ok, I've been a very bad blogger lately, but here's why...

I got a new job--yea!!! I am going to be teaching 1/2 day at a great school, which is just perfect for my schedule. But, here's the catch--it's far, far away!

So, my little quandry--do I move closer or stay where I am and commute? I've actually been grappling with this problem for far longer than I've known about this job. I have an opportunity to move 10 miles closer to my job and live in a slightly bigger house for about the same rent I'm paying now. No, it still doesn't have AC, but it does have ceiling fans in every room. Another benefit of this house is it is in the neighborhood where my 2 best friends in San Diego live. That's a big bonus! I would love to be able to walk over to their houses.

I guess the biggest drawback is just the thought of moving. I hate unpacking. I hate putting my clothes away in the closet. I hate figuring out which picture looks good where.

So, is it worth the trouble of a move to be near friends, near my job, and in a slightly larger house? What do you think fellow bloggers? Make my decision easier for me!!! Help!!!

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