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Thursday, July 21, 2005

It is too freaking hot to have no AC

San Diego, CA
92 ┬░FSunny
Feels Like: 93┬░FHumidity: 38%Wind: WNW at 12 mph

Once again, I was deceived!!! Everyone told me that San Diego's weather is perfect all the time. Today, it's not perfect! It's too freaking hot! As I unpeel my leg from the faux-leather office chair I am sitting in, I'm reminded of all the encouragement I recieved when concerned about living in a house with no air-conditioning.

"I lived here a whole year, and only turned on my AC when my inlaws came in town"

"I don't know anyone in San Diego with airconditioning--you just don't need it"

"The high is 75 every day"

Ok, maybe all this is true if you are one of the lucky ones who lives ON the beach. Those of you spoiled brats who can walk to the beach, I hate you! I know how weather works here. It's at least 10 degrees cooler on the beach than it is at my house, a measly 8 miles inland.

What I had to give up so I could afford a house with a backyard for Bella (my adorable dog, who is right this moment laying on the kitchen linoleum panting for her life.)

We don't even have ceiling fans! Ugh. All my years of training, growing up in the south, did not prepare me for this. That is because in the south we have AC! You wouldn't DREAM of living in a house without AC. I don't even think homeless people in the deep south would live in a house with no AC if it was a gift.

Ok, I know that this is just temporary. Next week I will be back to extolling the virtues of southern california weather, once the mercury has dropped to a nice doable 78.

Until then, I'll be the girl tooling around town in my car with the AC blasting, just to get some relief from my house.

ps...anyone have a pool I can come hang out in???

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