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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Blogging...should I try it?

I've lived all over the southeast--Memphis, TN, Birmingham, AL, Pensacola, FL, Jacksonville, NC. (never heard of that last one, have you?) I love the south--the people, the food, the friendliness, the trees! There are some things that stink--the heat, the humidity, the hurricanes, the tornados.
I guess wherever you grew up will always feel like home. Home for me is the South, but right now I am living in San Diego, CA. So, obviously I have some adjusting to do.
When I first got here, I learned really quickly not to say "Y'all" anymore. I was substitute teaching one day and I said, "Y'all get out your books and turn to page 113." The class erupted in laughter. One girl even started making fun of me. Wow, where's that southern hospitality when you need it?
Another big thing I had to get used to was not being in the Bible Belt anymore. Back in the south, pretty much everyone I knew had grown up in the church. Here in soCal, you meet Christians, as well as people of other religions, but mostly you meet people who have no religious leanings. People here think that religion is like an optional recrational activity. In the south, your religion is almost as important as what SEC football team you cheer for.
That brings me to my next topic...no one in soCal cares about college football!!! I mean, USC were the national champs last year, and I'm not sure that even made the front page of the paper. In Alabama, a national championship gets talked about for years, lifetimes. By the way, I lean towards BAMA, roll tide!
So, if everyone in soCal is from somewhere else, is there anyone else here like me? A transplanted southerner, a girl with morals and my etiquitte book (no white after labor day for me, no matter what Cosmo says), someone who just wants that white picket fence life. If so, read my blog and maybe we can share stories. I'm worried that pretty soon I will be so acclimated to Cali that I will forget my roots. It's easy to blend in here--I've already got blonde highlights and an iPod.

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