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Thursday, July 14, 2005

There's a lot to like about California

How can you not love living in Southern California? To top that, how can you not love San Diego? I think San Diego has the best weather of anywhere in the country--hands down.
I laugh every day when my mom calls and asks me what the weather's like. I say, "It's the usual--75 degrees and sunny!" That always makes my mom mad because she lives in Memphis, TN which is right up there with New Orleans as one of the most humid places on earth! In the south right now it is so hot and humid that your sweat doesn't even evaporate, so you spend all your time outside with a layer of slime on your skin that won't ever go away!
Another great thing about San Diego is the cool geographic diversity. You have the beach right there, and then you drive 2 hours and you have skiing. My brother and his girlfriend came for a weekend and managed to do Vegas, the beach and skiing in 3 days. Where else in the country can you claim that?
For a girl who grew up a day's drive from the beach, having one in your backyard is nice. I love to go walk in La Jolla with the surf crashing and the seals barking--it's the perfect way to exercise!
I'm also loving the shopping out here. You really can't beat Fashion Valley! After living in Jacksonville, NC (look it up on a map, folks--it's just north of Wilmington on the coast--the east coast!) I know what a privelege it is to have a mall nearby! I used to have to drive to Raleigh 2 hours away just to shop somewhere besides Target or the Gap. Now I have Neiman Marcus in my backyard! (Like I can afford anything there, but hey, it's still fun to look!)
Let's come back to the weather again! I can't get over how it can be sunny every day and yet, I'm not hot. I walk my dog at noon, and it feels great!
That's my dog Bella in the picture above, by the way. Yes, I know, she's the cutest dog you've ever seen! I have to agree! She's a great companion to my husband and me! We are lucky that she came into our lives!

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