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Friday, July 15, 2005


Yes, flip-flops are the number one thing I can already tell I will miss about Southern California if I ever have to move somewhere else.
I've always loved flip flops. I wear them all summer. I am one of those girls who has at least 100 pairs of shoes in my closet, but what do I wear? Flip flops every day.
And not just any flip flops, mind you! I wear only one pair of flip flops, even though I own at least 5. This pair is actually men's flip flops that I got from the GAP on clearance in 2002. They are sooooo comfortable.
Yes, I have the white V formation on my feet. My toes are tan, then there is the white V, and then my feet and legs are tan. It's comical.
The cool thing about SoCal is that you can wear flip flops anywhere--grocery store, bars, church, school, you name it! You can also wear flip flops year-round. No longer are they just a summer addiction.
So, I know you are thinking...why does she own 100 pairs of shoes? Retail therapy. My friends say I have a problem. I say, I have a secret. Shoes always fit. I always wear the same size in shoes. No matter how fat I feel, my feet are still the same size. I can go into any store and buy the cutest shoes, knowing they will fit and look good on me. I can't say the same about clothes.
Therefore, until I find an occasion to wear my other 99 pairs of shoes, I'll be the girl in the men's GAP flip flops!

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