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Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm back kinda...

Hi blogging friends!
I've missed you. I took a little hiatus. I actually got addicted to a message board for pregnant women due in June. Boring, right? Well, that's been my life lately.
Check out what's happened to my waistline. Yikes! I know! I'm huge!
My husband tells me every day that it looks like my belly has doubled in the past week. It's making falling asleep and staying asleep rather difficult. It feels like I have a 20 lb bowling ball hanging like a pendulum from a few tendons in my abdomen.
I still have 4 more months of this torture.
In the time I've been gone--2 months, I've been busy as a bee planning the baby's room and decorating. I've got 2 baby showers coming up in March and April, and I have to make it through the end of this school year. I have a mad case of senioritis, and I'm not graduating. I'm just moving on to motherhood!

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